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The country's premiere digital arts training center: Adobe Authorized Training Center, Canon Digital Learning Center, Corel Training Partner, Wacom Authorized Training Center.

Learn from the Pros

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) is the country’s premier training center for digital media and photography.

At PCCI, you’re taught by certified instructors and respected industry pros with years of experience. So you get, not only the basic how-tos, but also real-world techniques, do’s and don’ts, what works and what doesn’t.

Conveniently located in Metro Manila, our training facility provides a worry-free environment that lets you concentrate on your learning. Our after-training support is likewise unmatched in the industry.

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What’s New

Schedule of Classes Until December 2018

Course calendarPCCI has released its schedule of classes up to December 2018.

Be sure to check out our new courses and workshops:

Package Courses:

Diploma Programs:

New course:

New photography workshop:

Plus a new series by Human Factors International:

Course dates are subject to change so be sure to bookmark our calendar page.

Diploma Programs

For almost 20 years, the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI), has been the leader in providing seminars, workshops and training courses for digital creatives, developers and photographers.

Diploma programs allow you to take many PCCI training courses that correspond to your chosen field, plus some elements, such as special classes and projects unique to diploma program takers.

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Sports & Action Photography with Jijo De Guzman

Learn sports and action photography from one of the most talented photographers in the Philippines today.

Jijo De GuzmanJijo De Guzman is Camera Club of the Philippines’ 2015 Master Photographer. He is an exceptional photographer all around, but the field he’s most passionate about is also the first class he’ll be teaching at PCCI — Action Photography.

Sports Photography workshop

FAST — familiarity, anticipation, speed, timing are the essential skills in sports photography. And those are precisely the skills you’ll develop in this intensive, hands-on workshop.

Whether you plan to pursue a career in sports photography, or simply want become better at capturing action-packed subjects and events, this is one workshop you can’t afford to pass up.

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Rental Studios Now Open Till Midnight

PCCI’s photography studios are now available for rent from 8am to midnight, Monday to Sunday (including most holidays).

Same low rates, same generous inclusions. And as always, PCCI alumni get discounted rates.

Click here for details.

Citbank’s PayLite Tuition Fee Promo


You can now use your Citibank credit card to “PayLite” on PCCI course fees.

For details, visit the website of Citibank Philippines.

TESDA Assessment

OpenPCCI now offers assessment in TESDA Photography NC II and Visual Graphic Design.

The assessment process seeks to determine whether the graduate or worker can perform to the standards expected in the workplace based on the defined competency standards. This ensures the productivity, quality and global competitiveness of the middle-level workers.

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Become a Certified Usability Analyst

Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) logoCreating a positive user experience (UX) is a critical challenge for any organization. Even for the simplest technologies, companies must find new and creative ways to make users feel at ease, engaged, and empowered.

Human Factors International (HFI) is the world’s leading software-usability firm. In 30 years they have provided consulting and training services for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

For the first time, HFI is bringing their Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) training program to Manila under the auspices of PCCI. It gives companies and individuals the opportunity to earn a UX analyst certification that is accepted and honored globally.

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1st Adobe Certified Instructors in Creative Cloud Apps

Two PCCI instructors recently updated their Adobe certifications, making them the country’s first and only Adobe Certified Instructors in Creative Cloud apps.

Mario RamirezMario Ramirez — one of the most highly rated instructors at PCCI — is now an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Instructor (ACI) in Photoshop CC.

Mario now leads two Photoshop courses at PCCI:

Congrats, Mario!

Special Events

MAY 18
Legal Affairs for Photographers, Videographers & Graphic Artists

The Course will tackle the various common legal issues faced by photographers, videographers, and artist arising out of the performance of their service and works, and will provide practical solutions or options to address these concerns or prevent unnecessary liabilities.

This seminar is led by a practicing lawyer by profession, but a photographer by passion, Jan Aliling.

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May 7, 9 & 11 (6:00-9:00 pm)
Acting Workshop for Theater & Television

Prepares budding actors and boosts self-confidence

This acting workshop prepares participants for stage, screen, or the real world. It makes them aware of visual cues and body language for effective communication. It increases self-confidence in interpersonal relationships both onstage or off. Students involved in producing and directing school plays can benefit, too, making them more effective at directing actors.

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Mar 23 (FRI)
How to Think Like a Graphic Designer

Today's graphic design market is becoming more and more competitive that having a good concept and top-notch execution is only half of the total process.

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May 14—17 (Mon to Thu)
Adobe Photoshop for Kids

This summer, help your children learn the most popular and useful tool for graphic design, Adobe Photoshop. To be sure, students use graphics tools to enhance their school work; the science poster, the history presentation, the math project and more. And there is no software more often used and more helpful for project requirements as well as personal hobbies (e.g. photography) as Adobe Photoshop!

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May 14—17 (Mon to Thu)
Photography for the Young at Art

Why waste all that excess energy on TV, computer games, and movies? Your child can be more creative with photography!

Don't let summer vacation go to waste! Let your kids pick up a new skill they can use in their schoolwork and that can sharpen their creativity. Our new basic photography workshop for kids shows them how to make the most of a simple point-and-shoot camera, using exercises and examples that makes learning fun and fruitful. Ideal for ages 9 to 15.

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