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IDEATION: Bringing Ideas to Screen

Have you got a winning idea for a TV show or online video but don’t know how to get it off the ground or where to start?

Learn how to transform your ideas into actual production or film projects in this lecture-workshop designed for creative and production practitioners and aspirants. In this course, you will immerse yourself in the creative process and learn how to think and collaborate to turn your ideas into market- and production-ready proposals. At the end of the course, you will learn how to systematically generate ideas and develop them into concrete, workable production concepts and formats.

This course will also equip you with an overview of global production and
distribution ecosystems to help you plan out and navigate your concepts through toproduction and screening.

What will be covered
  • The Big Idea: How to create and nurture ideas
    • What is an idea? What makes an idea a good idea?
    • Where and how to get ideas for content and programs?
    • CASE STUDIES: Ideas that worked on TV and the digital space
    • WORKSHOP: The idea lab
    • Creating your own idea lab
  • The Ideation Process: Developing ideas into working concepts
    • Idea vs. Concept
    • The importance of research
    • Feedback: the litmus test of ideas
    • The paper format
    • WORKSHOP: Developing ideas into working concepts
  • Knowing Your Market
    • Profiling your audience: The importance of audience research
    • Reverse Engineering: Developing concepts for a target audience
    • CASE STUDIES: Content marketing strategies that worked
    • WORKSHOP: Customizing concepts for a target audience
    • Identifying your audience vs. identifying your market: What’s the difference?
    • WORKSHOP: Identifying a market for your concepts
  • Making Your Concepts Market-Ready
    • What makes a concept sellable?
    • Creating mood or vision boards
    • Developing brand architecture
    • Developing a format
    • WORKSHOP: Developing a concept or format proposal
    • What is proof of concept and why is it important?
    • Working on your proof of concept: sizzle or mood reel, trailer, sampler or pilot
  • Selling Your Ideas
    • Overview: Production and distribution ecosystems
    • Traditional vs. digital production and distribution ecosystems
    • Finding the right people to sell your concepts and formats to
    • Funding your own project or finding funding for it
    • The global format industry: What it is and how it works
    • Intellectual property laws
    • Protecting your concepts and formats
    • WORKSHOP: Creating a development plan for your concept or format

By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the creative process of content development
  • Adapt and develop their own idea labs to continually generate ideas
  • Adopt creative research skills
  • Develop ideas into workable concepts and formats
  • Integrate market insights into concept and format development
  • Understand how production and distribution systems work and know how to navigate their way through them
  • Prepare concept and format proposals
  • Create a development plan for their concepts and formats
Who should attend
  • Production professionals involved in or desiring to go into program or content development
  • Aspiring documentary makers and content creators
  • Digital or online media creators and producers
  • Advertising and branded content creatives
  • Aspiring filmmakers and scriptwriters
  • Graduates and students of Media, Communication, Film, and related courses who desire a practical understanding of the creative process
  • Events and consumer marketing professionals
  • Producers, investors and entrepreneurial individuals who desire an understanding and appreciation of the creative process in production

The course is designed for creative and production industry professionals, but amateurs, aspirants, and students can greatly benefit from learning about the ideation process and the production and distribution industries. Preferably, participants have experience or have attended courses in Digital Video Fundamentals, Digital Video Production, or Production Management. Business background is an advantage but not required.

What to Bring

The course is immersive and therefore participants are required to bring ideas for programs, videos, films, and other production or event projects for them to work with during the workshops. The workshops are collaborative in nature (brainstorming and critiquing environment) so participants are expected to keep an open mind and maintain a constructive attitude. Finally, as we are dealing with potentially proprietary creations, we will require all participants to respect (and possibly sign for) non-disclosure.

After the Course

Participants who successfully complete the course can venture into original program and format development as independent producers, content creators, production entrepreneurs, network and advertising creatives, event creatives, or even as brainstormers for content and program development. Producers, investors and entrepreneurial individuals will also find this course useful in evaluating the viability of concepts, formats, and other production proposals, projects and ventures. After this course, participants may opt to take the more business-focused module, Production Business Overview.


Glenn B. Ala has been in the production industry in the Philippines since 1997 and has worked in both GMA and ABS-CBN developing, producing, and managing multiple shows, and creating marketing campaigns and promotions for programs. He served for several years as Creative Director for events and productions, and recently as Head of Production for a creative media agency. In 2013, he established GBA Media, which creates, produces, and trades content and original program formats globally.


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9 AM to 5 PM


PhP 6,950 (USD 155)

Includes materials, lunch and snacks.

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