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Production Business Overview

Whether you’re already in the business of production or still exploring your options, you will need perspective on the larger industry that you move in. The landscape is changing fast and the big question is, are you ready for change?

With mobile and internet technology advancing at break-neck speeds, businesses and industries are changing the way they do things. If you’re growing your production venture or you’re simply scouting for opportunities, you need to act fast, find your niche, and partner with industry players that will help you thrive in the digital age. This course is your first step into doing just that.

From setting up your business to identifying and finding your markets, from finding gaps and opportunities in global production and distribution systems to developing innovative products and services, this course will equip you with an understanding of the interrelationships that drive the global information and entertainment industry today and give you insight into how it works so you can successfully maneuver your business in and around it.

What will be covered
  • Overview: Production, Distribution and Consumption
  • The Digital Age: How Mobile and IOT are changing consumption patterns
    • Content streaming and VOD, mobile, and IOT in the household
    • Social media as a content distribution channel
    • The rise of YouTube stars, influencers, and the Millenial
    • Monetizing digital/online content production
    • Technology and software development opportunities
  • Content Marketing Basics: A new way of doing things
    • What is content?
    • Content marketing vs. advertising
    • Virality of content
    • Identifying audiences and marketing channels
    • Video as the content marketing tool of choice
    • B2B opportunities serving brands
  • Traditional Media as a Reliable Content Distribution Channel
    • FTA, cable, DTH and the broadcasting business model
    • Current production and distribution trends within traditional media
    • B2B opportunities serving networks through outsourced production
    • Technology and software development opportunities
  • The Global Format Trade
    • Overview
    • Creating formats and building brands
    • Intellectual property laws
    • Protecting your concepts and formats
    • B2B and B2C opportunities – format rights, licensing, syndication,merchandising, content brokering
  • Finding Your Place in the Industry
    • Production deal types and how they can work for you – block time,financed productions, co-production, line production
    • Choosing a business model
    • Making a business plan
    • Finding funding for your business and your projects
    • Legal and ethical framework for your business (registrations,permits,contracts, receipts, taxes, and proprietary considerations)
    • Business operation (pricing products and services, budgets, timelines, production management, overhead, capitalization, depreciation, P&L)
    • Building your brand
    • Identifying and finding your market
    • Marketing and selling your products and servicesd
    • WORKSHOP: Creating a development plan for your business

By the end of the lecture-seminar, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate how the global production and distribution industries work
  • Understand how consumption patterns and trends dictate the way businesses are being done and redone within the industry
  • Develop a business model that incorporates market insights and adapts to current industry trends
  • Adopt digital, social, and mobile into their business models
  • Create a development plan for their business
  • Generate ideas for new or related businesses
Who should attend
  • Business owners and managers of production companies, post-production houses, independent film/production companies, advertising and branded content production companies, and distribution outfits
  • Entrepreneurial individuals wishing to enter the production or distribution business
  • TV network managers, channel heads, content brokers, content managers, content creators, producers, and entrepreneurial individuals who wish to gain insight and capitalize on current consumption trends
  • Producers, investors and entrepreneurial individuals who desire an understanding and appreciation of how the production and distribution industry works, as well as graduates and students of Media, Communication, Film, and related courses who desire the same.

The course is designed for production professionals and business owners who wish to broaden their knowledge of the production and distribution industries, but amateurs, aspirants, and students can greatly benefit from the industry overview, especially if they want to advance their careers or they plan to venture into entrepreneurship. Preferably, participants have experience or have attended courses in Digital Video Fundamentals, Digital Video Production, Production Management, or Ideation. Business background is ideal but not required.

What to Bring

The course covers a wide range of topics and touches on a number of industries that are either huge or emerging, so in order to cover as much as possible in class, participants will be sent a reading list that they are expected to read through prior to the lecture-seminar. Priority will be given to discussion, Q&A, and brainstorming in class in order to maximize comprehension and appreciation of how the industry works and how production businesses can and should be run in the digital age.

After the Course

Participants who successfully complete the course can venture into entrepreneurship and build their own business models and plans, and take steps to set up their production businesses. This course can also set business managers, business owners, producers and investors on a path to investigating and evaluating the viability of new business opportunities within the production and distribution industries.


Glenn B. Ala has been in the production industry in the Philippines since 1997 and has worked in both GMA and ABS-CBN developing, producing, and managing multiple shows for local and international audiences. He served for several years as Head of Production for a digital media agency and has traveled to Europe and Asia producing content for a global brand. In 2013, he established GBA Media, which creates, produces, and trades digital content and original program formats globally.


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