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Infographics Design

It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and to take in large amounts of complex information and distilling them into a simple yet elegant visual is an art in itself. As much as it is easy to create those thousand words into a cohesive image, you still have to find the right way to express those words that will matter, and in today’s world where information is prevalent and essential, whether in product catalogs to news articles to food packaging, making sense of it all has become more of an art and a science.

In this two-day course, we will identify the basic elements in creating a basic infographic, including using the right font, the right visuals and the right context to efficiently visualize information without compromising on aesthetics and accuracy, while we uncover the qualities of what makes a truly effective infographic that stands out from the others, as well as some tips on how to add visual interest to the reader.

Who should attend
  • In-house graphic artists involved in business collaterals
  • Graphic designers interested in infographics and information design
  • Business people in-charge of Business Presentations
  • Infographic Junkies
Course Outline

Day 1

  • What makes a Good Visualization?
    • The elements of a successful infographic
    • Understanding how each element works
  • Making the Infographic:
    • What to say
    • Writing the Brief
    • Getting the Essence
  • How to Back it up:
    • Gathering your Data
    • Finding the Insight within the Data
    • Finding the Narrative within
  • How to Say it: Doing the Layout, Illustrating the visuals, Test its Readability, Make it Beautiful
    • Knowing your Audience
    • Print vs. Digital: Which Works Best for your Audience?
    • Choosing What Chart Type is Best
    • Understanding Hierarchy
    • Vector v. Bitmap
    • Finding the right font
    • Typographic Rules
    • Using the right color
    • Using color harmony
  • A Guide to Visual Analogies:
    • The most common tools in data visualization
    • Charts & Diagrams
    • Abstract Analogies
    • Analogies
    • Allegories
  • Design Do’s & Dont's: Eight Design Mistakes and Easy Fixes:
  • The Most Common Mistakes Done by Graphic Designers in Creating Infographics, and How to Fix Them.
  • Basic Infographic Exercises

Day 2

  • Evaluating the Exercise Results
  • Quick review of Infographic Design process
  • Putting into Practice:
    1. Application of statistical data into infographics
    2. Application of data visualization knowledge
    3. Focus group testing: Infographics fine-tuning and feedback from participants
    4. Final infographic presentation and review

Basic knowledge of graphics programs, preferably vector-based graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.


  • May 23–24 (Thu to Fri)
  • Aug 19–20 (Mon to Tue)
  • Nov 21–22 (Thu to Fri)

9 AM to 5 PM


PhP 5,950 (USD 135)

Includes materials, lunch and snacks.

Be sure to read the Registration Info before registering.


Note: Your seat is not confirmed until we receive a 50 percent down payment.

Course Date(s)

Deposit payment at your nearest Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch, in the name of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, S/A 1-249-91545-5. Fax deposit slip to 892-5281 with your name and class details. Surrender deposit slip on first day of class to get official receipt.

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