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Legal Affairs for Photographers, Videographers and Graphic Artists

The Course will tackle the various common legal issues faced by photographers, videographers, and artist arising out of the performance of their service and works, and will provide practical solutions or options to address these concerns or prevent unnecessary liabilities.

What will be covered

I. GOING LEGIT (lecture-open forum)

  • The pros and cons in going legit (registering self as a business).
  • An overview of the process of registering your business as a photographer, videographer, and graphic artist..

II. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (lecture-open forum)

  • Intellectual Property Rights of photographer, videographer, and graphic artist: knowing who owns what, when, and for how long.
  • Understanding copyright of creative work.
  • Does the graphic artist own the work he produces for a client?
  • If the text and photos are given by the client or paid for by the client, how much of the graphic work is owned by the artist?
  • By the very act of receiving payment for creative work, does the artist or photographer transfer all rights to the client?


  • The rights of a photographer and videographer when documenting or shooting in public or in the streets. Know what you can shoot and what you cannot shoot.
  • If a subject (person, work, or property) included in a photo, video, or graphic work seeks redress or compensation, what and how much is the extent of liability of the artist?
  • If a client gives copyrighted photos to the graphic artist to work with, what is the liability of the artist?
  • If a graphic artist includes in a graphics work a photo or graphic he/she created, does he/she own the graphic/photo?


  • Sexual harassment;
  • Photographing children and laws on child abuse;
  • Pornography as the law sees it;
  • Basic contracts and essential forms for photographer, videographer, and graphic artist.
Who should attend

Amateur and professional Photographers, Videographers, and Freelance Artists will benefit from this talk whether they are still thinking of getting into it for profit or not.


No client-attorney relationship or engagement  will be created between the participant of the event and the speaker. All examples used in the class will be of a hypothetical nature and will not be treated as a specific legal advise for a specific problem.

About the Instructor

Jose-Antonio "Jan" T. Aliling is a practicing lawyer by profession, but a photographer by passion. 

Not to be thrown off by his jovial disposition, Jan is a seasoned litigation and corporate lawyer who is known for his no-nonsense work ethics and professionalism. He is currently the Managing and Senior Partner of Jose Antonio Aliling and Associates, and the Chairman of Acube Legal Support, Inc.

He is a Supervising Lawyer at the University of the Philippines, College of Law, Office of Legal Aid and a Lecturer and Teacher at the College of Law of the New Era University.

Jan is also the Director for Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary of Jose Aliling Construction Management Group of Companies, one of the country’s largest, if not the largest, 100% Filipino-Owned Construction Management Companies.

He also passionately engages in Photography projects with a purpose. He has done various engagements with various agencies of the United Nations, including the UN International labor Organization and UNICEF, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and various charitable and socio-civic institutions to create awareness for their respective advocacies. 

Jan has also won several awards and recognitions from various local and international photography competitions, including that of The Camera Club of the Philippines and International Photography Awards, among others. His works has been part of two published photography books: Intimate Images published by the Camera Club of the Philippines; and The Fifth Element published by Black and White Asia. He has participated in a number of photography exhibits as well. Read more...


  • Mar 11 (Mon)
  • Jul 25 (Thu)
  • Oct 28 (Mon)

9 AM to 5 PM


PhP 1,950 (USD 43)

Includes materials, lunch and snacks.

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