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Fast Track to HTML and CSS

Love it or hate it, Hypertext Markup Language or HTML, is what all web pages are made of. It is what gives structure to content on the web. But on its own, it is pretty much insufficient, so learning Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) comes with it. With CSS, web designers have more control over how their pages appear. They can define the typography, color, and layout of web pages more efficiently and with greater creative options than classic HTML.

Fast Track to HTML and CSS is a three-day, basic course that provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to develop static web sites. With carefully designed exercises, students learn how to write effective HTML and style their pages with CSS.

Note: This course covers HTML5 and CSS3.

What will be covered
  • What HTML is and what it's not
  • HTML core concepts
    • Syntax
    • Using editors to create HTML documents
    • Attributes and values
    • Character and entity references
    • Data types
    • Doctypes
  • Best practices
    • Semantics
    • Validation
  • What CSS is and how it relates to HTML
  • CSS core concepts
    • Syntax
    • Selectors
    • The cascade
    • Inheritance
  • Building blocks
    • Block and inline elements
    • CSS classification properties
    • The box model
  • Basic Styles
    • Text and font properties
    • Styling links
    • Colors
  • More Styles
    • List properties
    • Box properties
    • Background properties
  • Layout
    • Layout types
    • CSS positioning
  • CSS challenge
Who should attend

This course is for web designers and developers who want to:

  • Format text in ways that can't be done using HTML alone
  • Keep the look of pages consistent throughout the site
  • Keep content separate from presentation
  • Create web pages that load faster
  • Build sites with web standards

To gain the most from the class, you should already have:

  • Familiarity with a Windows (or Mac) environment.
  • Familiarity with web terminology, (such as those covered in PCCI's Web Design Fundamentals seminar).
Comments from participants
The content was delivered clearly, in a manner I could easily understand. The course was well-paced and efficient in helping me understand more about HTML, and with using CSS to design the content.— Julio Blanco
Even for a beginner in web design, terms and definition were easy to grasp.— Aldrin Roco (Asian Development Bank)
… the instructor is knowledgeable and effective.— Ma. Carmela Tugado (B & M Global Services Manila)
The class was very educational and enjoyable. I learned so many things that will be really useful in my job.— Sandra Luz (Teloworks Philippines)
The instructor delivered each topic clearly, direct to the point, with a no-nonsense approach.— Dennis Ocampo (Thomson Reuters)
It’s good! This instructor really knows what he’s teaching.— Doris Jimenez (Philippine Institute for Development Studies)


  • Sep 6–8 (Fri to Sun)

9 AM to 5 PM


PhP 7,950 (USD 180)

Includes materials, lunch and snacks.

Be sure to read the Registration Info before registering.


Note: Your seat is not confirmed until we receive a 50 percent down payment.

Course Date(s)

Deposit payment at your nearest Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch, in the name of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, S/A 1-249-91545-5. Fax deposit slip to 892-5281 with your name and class details. Surrender deposit slip on first day of class to get official receipt.

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