Ed Garcia

Ed has been into computers and systems development for 36+ years now since the 80s. With about 15 years doing systems development for the insurance industry starting as a programmer trainee in 1980 to becoming an IT manager in 1985. After which he went on his own for about 10 years as a freelance Computer Consultant developing several applications for various industries until he worked as an expat computer consultant from 1995 to 2000. The rest of the 16 years since then up to today has seen Ed developing applications for the web.

It may be worthwhile to note that most of the years that Ed spent on computers and systems development has been along the lines of training and teaching. About a total of 5 years was even spent conducting full time teaching in an actual school institution and training in corporate in-house workshops or seminars. Not only has he worked as a systems developer, he actually taught systems development.

Ed comes from a family of teachers and educators. Teaching is his passion.