Paul Pangan
Pao Santiago Pangan

Pao is an advertising director and cinematographer, with ad agencies McCann-Erickson and Jimenez Basic as his usual clients. He is also regularly tapped by advertising production houses and record labels, such as Universal Records, Polyeast Records, and Star Records.

Pao was one of the cinematographers of Coca-Cola’s “OFW Project”, which was rated number one viral video worldwide for the last quarter of 2011, according to an advertising magazine.

A Film and Audio-Visual Communication graduate of the University of the Philippines, Pao also completed a course in cinematography at Mowelfund Film Institute, and Masterclass Commercial Cinematography at the Australian Cinematographer’s Society 50th Convention.

His first job was as a segment producer and then later on as a director for ABS-CBN Cinema One, before he decided to make his passion and craft, cinematography, his profession.

In his youth, one of Pao’s favorite past-times was sculpting and painting. These days, despite his hectic schedule, Pao still scuplts and paints, but this time using light as his carving tool and the camera frame as his canvas.