Ronna Lara-Bes

Ronna Lara-Bes has been a 3D animation specialist for more than 20 years. Starting with architectural visualization, she then ran the gamut of industries where 3D production is essential, such as: broadcast media, commercial ads, and visual effects for film. She maintains a small studio for her 3D projects. Currently, she is using 3D printing to bring about her sculptural visions into tangible artworks.

She is also a practicing artist, whose multi-disciplinary specialties are: painting (oil, acrylic and watercolor), sculptures (clay, resin, 3D printing, assemblage) and photography. She has successfully launched 2 solo exhibitions in Manila and her works had also been exhibited in Vienna, Rome & Leeds (UK). Ronna is a member of the faculty in Feati University’s School of Fine Arts.