Tilak Hettige

Tilak, a product of New England School of Photography in Boston, USA, has worked in the photography industry since 1981 in places like Boston, Washington D.C, Sri Lanka, Oman, and the Philippines. He is an accomplished author-photographer. He first won international recognition when he became the photographer of the year in the International Photographic Society, Washington D.C. in 1997. In addition to winning many subsequent awards Tilak’s work has been published in many books, international newspapers, magazines and calendars. His photographs have also been displayed in many exhibitions in the Philippines and outside and several of them are in private collections in several countries. Among his publications are the recently released Tilaka: The Spiritual Third Eye and Saffron Robes: A Photographic Essay on Buddhist Monks. Currently he is working on two more books. He now resides in Manila and has joined the country's most prestigious Camera Club of the Philippines.