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Graphic Design Software Applications (Level 2)

This package builds on the skills acquired in Graphic Design Software Applications (Level 1), providing the student with the advanced skills and tools for delivering output with better efficiency, speed, and precision.

Adobe Photoshop CC: Advanced Tools & Techniques (3 days)

This new course covers advanced tools and techniques for photography and for print production.

This intensive, hands-on workshop unleashes the wealth of tools of Photoshop, many of them either hidden to the average user, not maximized, or worse, used incorrectly. Once mastered, these professional-level shortcuts, tricks, and expert techniques can help you be more productive and work faster without sacrificing quality.

The GRAPHIC ARTIST will benefit because 70 to 80 percent of his work involves editing photographs rather than vector graphics purely. His work is often destined for different output devices, which require different editing treatments.

The PHOTOGRAPHER, whether professional or enthusiast, will see how to extract from digital capture the best color, sharpness, contrast, and impact, like cutting a diamond from a rough stone.

  • Tonal and color correction to maximize the RGB tonal range
  • Targetting tonal range for press, Web, digital printers, and photo labs
  • Advanced techniques with Curves and Levels
  • Advanced selection techniques (including Quick Mask)
  • Advanced photo editing and retouching
  • Repairing damaged photographs
  • Layer masks, layer sets, and layer comps
  • Advanced sharpening techniques
  • Duotone and sepia toning
  • The best (of eight) way to convert to black-and-white
  • Automation with Actions and Batch commands
  • Basic pen tool techniques
  • Advanced layer techniques
  • New blur filters
  • Most often-used keyboard shortcuts to speed up workflow

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Adobe InDesign CC: Advanced Tools & Techniques (2 days)

  • Creating Tables in Adobe InDesign
    • Getting to know the different tools used in making InDesign Tables
    • Importing Tables from Word Processing Applications
    • Linking Tables with original files
    • Creating Tables in InDesign
    • Working with Table Styles and Cell Styles
    • Creating Inline graphics in Tables
    • Updating Tables
  • Working with Long Documents
    • Creating Long documents
    • Creating Index Entries
    • Creating the Index File
    • Creating Captions
    • Working with Dynamic Text
  • One Document Many Destinations
    • PDF for Web and Print
    • SWF
    • HTML
    • EPUB (iPAD)
    • Android reader formats
  • Color Management in InDesign
    • Choosing The Right Color Engine
    • Synchronizing Color Settings
    • Choosing A Rendering Intent
    • Using Adobe Kuler
  • Data Merge
    • Setting up your Document for use with Data Merge
    • Multi or Single records
  • Styles Styles Styles
    • Working with Nested Styles
    • Quick Apply
  • Reusing Content
    • The Content Collector
    • InDesign Libraries

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Adobe Illustrator CC: Advanced Tools & Techniques (2 days)

This intensive two-day workshop will explore the more sophisticated features of Adobe Illustrator. This hands-on course will also guide participants through the use of advanced techniques for creating complex illustrations and dynamic effects. In addition, participants will find out how to prepare their artworks for both print and the Web.

  • Shapes and pathfinder commands
  • Opening layered Photoshop documents
  • Conversion of rasterize documents to vector
  • Compound shapes and paths
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Creating blends
  • Transparency, gradients and patterns
  • Advanced type tools
  • Creating illustrations using angles
  • Enhancing performance and efficiency
  • Color separation
  • Automation using actions and batch processing
  • Masks
  • Publishing for the Web

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Who should attend

This workshop is for artists and designers who have mastered the basics of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop and who are now ready to take advantage of the application's more advanced features for design and print production.


A prerequisite of this package is a working familiarity with the tools for creating illustrations, page layout, and image editing, as covered in the Graphic Design Software Applications (Level 1)

Terms and Conditions

Thirty percent (30%) downpayment is required upon registration. The balance can be paid in installments (cash, check or credit card). Payment schedule will be given upon registration. Downpayment is not refundable but transferable to other people or schedule.


  • Mar 4–5 (Sat to Sun), Apr 24–26 (Mon to Wed), Jun 12–13 (Mon to Tue)

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Several Instructors

PhP18,800 (USD 470). Package fee is about 35% cheaper than taking each course separately.

Includes materials, lunch and snacks.

Be sure to read the Registration Info before registering.


Note: Your seat is not confirmed until we receive a 50 percent down payment.

Course Date(s)

Deposit payment at your nearest Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch, in the name of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging, S/A 1-249-91545-5. Fax deposit slip to 892-5281 with your name and class details. Surrender deposit slip on first day of class to get official receipt.

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